Capitalism is the Crisis (Part 3): Interview with Vandana Shiva: It is Time to Sow the Seeds of a Better World: Failed Capitalism Kept Going By Bailouts and Armed force

By Asad Ismi British colonial rule in India led to the killing of 200 million Indians and, with this holocaust, the country was forced into the Western capitalist system. Capitalism and imperialism created an abyss of poverty in India which continues today as more than 750 million Indians, about 75% percent of the country’s population, […]

The Empire Strikes Back: Libya Attacked By The U.S. and NATO

By Asad Ismi No sooner had the popular revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia overthrown corrupt and repressive U.S.-backed dictatorships than Washington and NATO (led by a Canadian general) attacked Libya on March 19 with jet fighters and hundreds of missiles and bombs. The reason given by this coalition of the U.S., Britain, France, Italy and […]