U.S. Sanctions On Iran Could Escalate Into Nuclear Warfare: Fear of Dollar Losing Dominance Fuels U.S. Sabre-Rattling

By Asad Ismi As I write this article (in mid-January), Iran and the United States appear headed towards a war that could escalate into World War III, perhaps even with an exchange of nuclear weapons. The U.S. has accused Iran of developing such weapons and gives this as a reason for imposing economic sanctions on […]

Saudi Arabia Helps Crush the Democratic Uprising in Bahrain: Long-time U.S. Reliance on Saudi oil and Servility at Risk

By Asad Ismi In a display of astounding hypocrisy in mid-August, the Saudi Arabian government denounced the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad as “a killing machine” and recalled its ambassador from Damascus. Saudi Arabia claimed to be outraged by the slaughter of an estimated 2,000 civilian protesters by President Assad’s army aimed at crushing a […]

The Latin American Revolution (Part 10): Peruvian Election Win Latest Triumph for Left-Wing Reformers

By Asad Ismi Ollanta Humala’s victory in the Peruvian election held on June 5 is the latest triumph for the Latin American Revolution. Humala, a progressive ex-army officer, was elected President as leader of the Nationalist Party. This brings to eleven the number of left-wing governments now ruling in Latin America. The President-elect is a […]