Canada’s “Looting of Honduras”

“The Canadian government needs to act in a responsible manner and should stop giving legitimacy to the Honduran regime which has criminalized and killed many people in my country and has created a grave situation there. The Canadian government should remove all their companies, investments and financing from Honduras.” This was the plea of Berta […]

Women: The Oppressed Majority

A three-part radio documentary Written by Asad Ismi Produced by Kristin Schwartz Narrated by both All interviews conducted by Asad Ismi or Kristin Schwartz except with Matilde Lopez Arpushana conducted by Audrey Huntley for this documentary.  Translation by Susy Alvarez Pocasangre and Dr. Maria Paez Victor. Special thanks to Audrey Huntley, Susy Alvarez Pocasangre and […]

Amid Crisis, A Coup in Brazil: Right-wing Parties Force Out President to Force in Austerity

The Brazilian senate voted May 13 to suspend the country’s leftist president, Dilma Rousseff, pending the conclusion of her trial this summer on charges of financial illegality. Specifically Rousseff is accused of using money from state banks to obscure a budget deficit during her 2014 re-election campaign–a common tactic used by previous Brazilian governments and […]