Referendum Result Sets Up Authoritarian Rule in Turkey

An economic slump is behind Erdoğan’s power grab, but democracy and unity will be its first victims, writes Asad Ismi. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan claimed a narrow victory (51.3%) in Sunday’s referendum on constitutional reform amid charges of widespread electoral fraud by his opponents. The vote allows Erdoğan and his conservative, neoliberal and moderately […]

Women: The Oppressed Majority

A three-part radio documentary Written by Asad Ismi Produced by Kristin Schwartz Narrated by both All interviews conducted by Asad Ismi or Kristin Schwartz except with Matilde Lopez Arpushana conducted by Audrey Huntley for this documentary.  Translation by Susy Alvarez Pocasangre and Dr. Maria Paez Victor. Special thanks to Audrey Huntley, Susy Alvarez Pocasangre and […]