Mass Anti-Neoliberal Protests in Turkey Brutally Repressed: Uprisings Sparked by Soaring Poverty, Inequality, Tyranny

By Asad Ismi Trees sparked the recent widespread civil uprising in Turkey – the biggest such public protest in the history of the Turkish Republic since its formation in 1923. It started on May 27 after a small group of peaceful demonstrators gathered in Istanbul’s Gezi Park in an effort to save its 600 trees […]

Recent Pakistan “Election” A Sham, Not Fair or Democratic: Pakistani Taliban Terrorists Supported by Pakistani Army

By Asad Ismi The Pakistan election (both national and provincial) of May 2013 is being touted by the mainstream media as a historic achievement when for the first time in 66 years one elected government transferred power to another in a fair election. This is not the case. Imagine that, in the next Canadian federal […]