The Latin American Revolution (Part 5): In Bolivia, Under Morales, The Revolution is Indigenous

By Asad Ismi Evo Morales, Bolivia’s indigenous President, started his second term in January by declaring colonialism dead in his country. Morales emphasized that he has attempted to “eradicate all vestiges of colonial repression and discrimination against Bolivia’s indigenous majority.” He certainly has, which is one reason why Morales was re-elected by a landslide in […]

The Latin American Revolution (Part 4): The Bolivarian Revolution Gives Real Power to the People: An Interview with Julio Chavez

By Asad Ismi Julio Chavez is one of the leaders of the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela. In his country, he is known as “the other Chavez” (referring to President Hugo Chavez, to whom he has no family links). As mayor of the city of Carora (in Lara province located in western Venezuela), Julio Chavez is […]

Nortel Implicated in Disastrous Liquidation of Colombia’s Telecom

By Asad Ismi Nortel Networks, Canada’s largest high-tech corporation, has helped bring about the liquidation of TELECOM, Colombia’s biggest telecommunications company, and the likely privatization of its successor. Brampton-based Nortel has assets of U.S.$15.8 billion, 37,000 employees and a presence in 150 countries. Plummeting global demand for telecommunications equipment and poor management have devastated Nortel […]