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Building a Just World: Fair Trade, Ethical Trade and Canada

A documentary series about fair trade and ethical trade, featuring interviews with producers, retailers, activists and researchers from around the world.

Download and listen to the documentary at this link.

Written by Asad Ismi

Produced by Kristin Schwartz

Narrated by both

In part 1, “Global Pillage”, we examine the roots of today’s so-called free trade system — African slavery, genocide in the Americas, and the Opium Wars in Asia. And we introduce the fair trade and ethical trade alternatives.

In Part 2, “Fair Trade”, We listen to producers of coffee and cocoa, who challenge the power of multinational companies by organizing co-operatives and selling to Canadian fair trade buyers and consumers.

In Part 3, “Ethical Trade”, we look at Canadian involvement in ethical trade initiatives aimed at improving conditions for garment workers in the South and protecting communities there from the destructive impact of mining.

All programs feature voices from North and South.

This series has been aired on 14 radio stations in Canada and the United States including KPFK–Los Angeles (which reaches 12 million people) and CKLN 88.1 FM– Toronto.

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The series was funded by:

Canadian Union of Public Employees
Canadian Auto Workers Union
Canadian Labour Congress
Canadian Union of Postal Workers
Canadian Federation of Students
Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation
Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association
Ontario Public Interest Research Group–Toronto
Mining Watch Canada
Transfair Canada