Grexit Option Looms with Bailout Expiry

By Asad Ismi In a stunning victory on January 25, the leftist Syriza party won Greece’s national elections by a wide margin, earning just short of a majority of seats in parliament. Syriza campaigned on a promise to end the austerity measures (privatization, wage constraints, public service layoffs, etc.) that were a condition on 240 […]

Capitalism is the Crisis (Part 4): Protests in Greece Expose Failure of Capitalism in Europe

By Asad Ismi During November 2012, Europe erupted in anti-austerity demonstrations, with protestors clashing violently with police in Spain and Portugal, where general strikes were declared. Millions of European Union (EU) workers participated in the demonstrations, which have spread to Italy, France, and Belgium. Greece has also been paralyzed by many intermittent strikes over the […]

Capitalism is the Crisis (Part 1): The Economic Crisis in Greece is a Crisis of Capitalism Itself: An Interview with Kostas Katarachias

By Asad Ismi Kostas Katarachias is a medical doctor who works in Athens, the capital of Greece. He is an activist in the Federation of Hospital Doctors’ Unions of Greece and one of the 27 elected members on its General Council. He is part of the anti-capitalist left which has five members on the Council. […]